Friday, January 22, 2010

Flaky Paratha - Long Overdue....

This is recipe is so long overdue. Exactly 2 years ago I promised this would up and running in a few days. few days turned out to be 2 years.... sorry. I apologise to all my readers out there to whom I have been promising the immediate post of this recipe.
This was supposed to be put up after my visit to Bangalore on work. We stayed at a serviced apartment where the cook churned out great tasting food each day. You can read all about it here.

Anyway, here goes with the recipe for flaky parathas. This particular recipe has a great home made taste about it. Restaurant rotis are all very well and have their place in the taste department but this tastes just like home. This is not something one can eat outside at a restaurant.

They are very simple to make, but one needs to feel quite generous with the ghee/butter. More adds a lot more taste and makes it that much flakier.

UPDATE: Feel free to be very generous with the ghee while making the parathas and using plenty of oil for frying them. Thiswill make them very crunchy and they will also look a lot more appealing.

Now for the recipe......


4-5 cups Whole wheat flour
salt to taste
3 tablespoons ghee/ butter for making the dough
6 tablespoons extra ghee as needed for smearing and for cooking
water as needed

Make a dough like for chapatis using 3 tablespoons of ghee first then water as needed. Knead well and keep aside for about half hour.

Now for the steps to make the parathas ....

Here are the steps.....

Step 1 : Roll out a small lemon sized piece of the dough into a round like for a chapati. Smear Ghee/butter very generously all over the surface and fold over into a semi circle.

Step 2: Smear ghee/ butter again over the semi circle and fold over into a triangle shape.
Roll out into a large triangle.

Step 3: Again smear ghee/ butter over it and fold into thirds as shown with enough ghee / butter in between each of the layers.

And again into a small triangle...

Step 4 : Roll out again into a big triangle and cook on a tawa / griddle with ghee until it is golden brown. Crush the paratha when hot to open up the layers.

Serve hot with a sabji of your choice.