Brought up all over India thanks to parents who had a transferable jobs, I was exposed to various cuisines of India from babyhood. Like many others, I was born in one place and raised in many others. Little touches of this region, little changes of ingredients all contributed to my being a true cosmopolitan Indian. Embracing other cultures while staying true to my roots.

It really helped that my mother was a fabulous cook and the taste of the food she made still lingers. My dad despite being a busy man, loved pottering in the kitchen. He taught us the science behind cooking (this may have something to do with the fact that he was an engineer by profession).

I did my hotel management and took my exposure further.

But it was not until I had my children that my love for cooking really grew by leaps and bounds. Kids who appreciated wholeheartedly all my hits and misses in the kitchen really egged me on to try out new things. Kids who are now grownup but still enjoy what I make for them.
This blog is an attempt to chronicle all the recipes I have learnt an learning over the years from friends, family and others.

Welcome to my space here and do let me know if you have any suggestions.