Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kathi Rolls

When I was in college in Bombay ( or Mumbai as it is known now) money was always scarce. " Amma, I have run out of money . I need some urgently" can only be used occasionally. Hating the hostel food ( who doesn't?) and foraging for food outside of the college, Bombay's famous street food always came to our rescue. One day it was dosas on Warden Road for 2 rupees and a big blob of Amul butter for a rupee more, other days bhel puri or sev puri from the chaat guy round the corner. But one thing that I always loved was the very well known Bombay Frankie. It was a nice tasty snack which filled all the empty pockets in my tummy.

Left Bombay, started work, got married, had kids.... Never though did I forget the taste of those yummy frankies..

Suddenly about a year ago found out that they were being marketed in Chennai too... My joy knew no bounds. Went halfway across the city to get my first taste of a frankie in many years. TASTED JUST THE SAME !!!!!!!!.

Many times after that I tried to replicate the taste. But that did not happen.

So I improvised and here is my version of the Frankie - a cross between the Original Bombay Frankie and the local Kathi Rolls ( more kathi rolls and less frankie). Healthy and full of taste.

Heres the recipe...

Carrots - 2
Beans -100 gms
Potatoes - 2
Onions - 2 sliced finely
Capsicum - 2 sliced finely
Ginger garlic paste - 1 teaspoon
Tomato Puree - 3 Tablesppons
Jeera - 1 tsp
Pav Bhaji Masala - 1 tablespoon
Chilli Powder - 1/2 tsp
Oil - 2 tablespoons
Salt to taste


Onions- 2 sliced finely
Vinegar- 2 teaspoons
Salt - a pinch

2 cups wheat flour
Curds - 1 cup
Butter - 50 gms
Salt to taste


Slice carrots, beans, potatoes into juliennes (matchstick like pieces). Steam or boil till almost done. It should not be over done.Heat oil. When hot, add jeera and fry till golden. Add sliced onion and capsicum. Saute for a few minutes. Add ginger garlic paste. Fry for 5 minutes longer. Add the pav bhaji masala, chilli powder and salt. Fry for about a minute. Add tomato puree. Add the carrot, beans and potato.Cook for a bit till all the tastes come together.

Soak the garnish onions in the vinegar and salt for a few hours.

Make dough for rotis using curd and the butter instead of water. Knead well.

Roll out rotis and cook each with a little oil on a griddle.Place a roti flat and put a tablespoon of the masala on it. Put the garnish onions on top. Roll up the roti.

Serve hot along with green chutney.

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