Thursday, September 20, 2007

Whole Wheat Pita Bread

I quite enjoy baking and I find it quite therapeutic. Usually it is restricted to cakes and cookies and pies. I find that when you get used to making something often, it becomes second nature and there is no challenge involved in it. But on the other hand, when you try something new, it keeps the interest going and you have to concentrate just that little extra to get it right.

The other day a friend of mine gave me a few packets of instant yeast and I was wondering what to do with them. Made baby naans and they were a huge hit as usual.
Coincidentally or as I prefer to call it - divine intervention, I saw Coffee's blog event on MBP: Bread. It was perfect. I had all this yeast and now I had the perfect opportunity to make something new AND send it for an event. So scouting I went. I had been wanting to make pita rounds for a while. The idea of stuffing them with different fillings really appealed to me. Very novel idea and an opportunity for the children to try out something different.

I landed up at Jugalbandi. They had a very nice healthy looking recipe for whole wheat pita bread. I followed their recipe for the most part, except I used 4 cups of whole wheat flour instead of 3.25. I also had to use 2 cups of warm water to make the dough.

Result?? Excellent. The pita bread was soft , round, well puffed and easily separated. I kept in mind that it should not be too brown. Though I have to admit, I missed a few which got toasted to a crisp :(.

I loved their phrase of 70% puff rate. I like to think I had the same result. They were pretty easy to separate even in the 30 % stuck part of the bread.

I stuffed them with falafel and taratour sauce ( recipe follows).

And Coffee: My most favorite aromas in the kitchen will have to be:

1) Strong South Indian coffee percolating in the filter early morning.

2) Ginger/garlic sizzling in the oil when added to the tadka.

3) Brownies baking in the oven.


Suganya said...

They have puffed up beautifully. Well done Kamini.

Happy cook said...

WOW you made you own pita bread. It realy looks so easy in you post.

lakshmi said...

I have been making whole wheat pita bread lately - though I make them over the tawa (no convection yet).

I like the way you have stacked them up - they look very beautiful especially against the red cloth.

Sia said...

u have got a beautifully puffed pitas kamini... beautiful.. and the aroma of filter coffee is my fav one too:)

Nags said...

i have only tasted the maida version. this is definitely so much more healthier. and yeah, i love bee's and jai's site! a total fan!!

Rajitha said...

kamini..awesome..i have to try making these!!

Latha Narasimhan said...

The pictures are very tempting! I too feel like trying this!It looks easy the way you have explained!

Kamini said...

Suganya, Thanks
Happy, It was actually quite simple.

Lakshmi, may I make a confession? I did one on the tava. It came out better than in the oven :).

Sia, Thanks

Nags, This is a really healthy version. And yes, Bee and Jai's site is fab..

Rajitha, They are so so easy, honest.

Latha, Do try it and let me know how it came out.

Asha said...

They are puffy just like Pita bread should be, well done Kamini!:)

bee said...

they look beautiful, kamini. we are still working on the 100% puff rate still, the unpuffed ones are way better than the store bought ones.

Madhu said...

Kamini pita bread looks so soft and fluffy,just perfect...nice entry.

Namratha said...

Kamini where's the Hummus?? :) that would be a fabulous combo with the yummy looking Pita bread. I'm off to shop for the ingredients..will try this soon.

TBC said...

OMG! They look fab!I made hummus the other day & used store bought pita bread.I wish I could have had yours!
The falafel looks so good too.

Padma said...

they look fabulous, and good n healthy option than the store brought

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

On a pita bread trail...and am so glad I landed up here. Am off to make the dough & will try the taratour sauce too. Where are you in India Kamini?