Saturday, December 29, 2007

And the New Year Rolls Around Again - Best of 2007

It seems just like yesterday that the New Year of 2007 was upon us and I was happily spending hours of my day browsing through all the food blogs. You see I had only just discovered the wonderful world of food blogging. When I realised that I could also blog and it was not so technologically challenging either, I decided that my New Years resolution would be to start a blog of my own. But honestly, I had absolutely no idea on how to go about it. I decided to enlist the help of my very tech savvy 16 year old (it is amazing how the kids of today just pick up these things). But try pinning down a teenager to do something as "boring" as setting up a food blog for his mom.

January rolled around, then came February and still no signs of my blog starting. So finally, I took the plunge on my own, did a simple google search, came to and close to 50 posts later here I am.

It has been a pretty eventful journey and I have enjoyed every single moment of it. Once someone asked me " what do you get out of blogging?" I just said that it was just a hobby. Just a hobby? You must be joking. This, for me is now an all consuming passion. It gives me so much fulfilment and so much to look forward to. I have made so many new friends as a direct result of my hobby. My creativity is blossoming in so many fields. What more can I say? And what more can I ask for?
When Nupur of One Hot Stove came out with this event of looking back at 2007 and picking the best from it, for me it was a lovely walk back. It was very hard too (how can choose the best among your babies? Each one is so special in its own way).

In some the pictures are great, in some the content, in others the recipe has been a huge hit at home... But here I am doing my best and putting down my favourites.

I took a family poll on what I should feature as the best post in my blog, and unanimously, the answer was the Chocolate Brownie. Everyone here loved the picture, the write up and the final product. Oh there was no doubting that, the final product was absolutely scrumptious. This is a definite make once a fortnight recipe.

My personal favourite just has to be the Falafel. It was an outstanding recipe and very new for us. This recipe was a nice introduction for my children to the Middle Eastern cuisine. They throughly enjoyed it too.

Next comes the Dibba Roti. This is one recipe I always associate with my mom's cooking. She made this very often when we were kids. She improvised and made it in one of those contraptions they called ovens those days ( those round thingies without any temperature control whatsoever, yet Mom always managed to turn out perfect cakes and bakes in them)

The Hara Bhara Kababs comes in next. It was the one which garnered the maximum comments for the first time which was extremely exciting for me.

The last one I shall put down are the Baby Butter Naans. They was consumed so heartily by all at home when I made them and they enjoyed every morsel. Ans personally, I loved the name. It was just so adorable.

My one regret for this past year is that I did not take part in as many blogging events as I would like to have had. I find, the events expand one's repertoire, brings a lot of variety into food made at home, and introduce new tastes to everyone in the family.

My plans for the coming year will surely include taking part in more blogging events. I have been a little lax this year what with ill health and then just being generally busy.

The other thing will have to be that I have post a lot more, a lot lot more. I will make up this coming year for sure.

Thanks Nupur for this lovely walk back into the past few months. I know what you mean when you say you write and then forget about it. It was so enjoyable going through all the baby steps again and seeing my growth as a cook, photographer and most of all a writer.


Laavanya said...

Those are such delicious dishes... The dibba roti looks so good and the brownies well, I don't think I can add any more to your description. Nice recap.

Namratha said...

Lovely recipes Kamini, and I totally understand your dilemma in choosing a few from a good lot, I'm having the same problem myself...hehe! Will be posting mine soon, have a wonderful new year dear! :)

Rajitha said...

yumm..great choice..each one of them look great..wish you and your family a great new year kamini

TBC said...

Best wishes to you and your family for a joyous 2008.

Vanamala said...

Lovely recipes kamini !!!

First time visited your blog .. very nice

Happy New Year 2008 !!!

aparna said...

I know about the "should I/ could I" of beginning to blog especially when one has no technical skills when it comes to setting up one. It took me a while to take the plunge 2 months back!! But I amglad I did.
And a Happy New Year.

Nupur said...

Chocolate always wins the contest :D those brownies do look awesome!
I am eyeing those baby naans...they look just so delicious.
Thank you for participating, and here's wishing you a wonderful new year!

Sagari said...

u had a yummy 2007 kamini all the best for new year

easycrafts said...

Nice selections...i vote for butter naans and kababs

Gita said...

All the best for a Happy Blogful 2008

Srivalli said...

Kamini, everything looks wonderful! Difficult to choose the best. But your baby naans are especially cute!

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Nice blog Kamini
Greetings from Botswana.