Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dibba Roti, Minappa Roti - Andhra Food Series

I am sure many of you out in the real and blogging world have been through these questions with the kids of today.

A horrified - " You mean you did not have computers as a kid? No internet? No computer games?"

A nervous - " At least did you have TV?"

A totally puzzled or stunned - " What did you do for entertainment?"

They don't understand, those were the years when we relied on ourselves to keep us busy. We played, cycled, played good old seven stones, 'gilli danda'( remember those games?). On rainy days, it was Ludo, Monopoly and Chinese checkers.
Above all, we read and read. All of us were such voracious readers. All types of books, comics... in the absence of anything worth reading and in the beginning of the school year, we read our English text books from cover to cover more for fun than for any serious learning.
Every once in a while one yearns for everything familiar. Don't you wish you could go back to your childhood where life was much simpler? No major decisions to take, nothing to take care of and absolutely NO WORRIES. Just gamboling through life only planning for the next hour's entertainment. Childhood is definitely synonymous with carefree summers (and winters!!!). Unlimited reading of story books, never studies....I think everyone goes through this phase now and then.

I have been on this trip for a while now. Then immediately start craving those comfort foods (cos food does play an important role in my life as you can see ;) )

One of the things my mom would make frequently was dibba roti ( literal translation - a fat dosa). It is also known as a minappa roti. Minappa referring to urad dal which is its main ingredient. It is the ultimate comfort food ... fried... full of carbs... and tasty tasty tasty. It looks like an oversized vada and tastes like a cross between idly and dosa. All things rolled into one.


2 cups Raw Rice ( any variety)
2 cups Urad dal( black gram)
1 tablespoon jeera
1 tablespoon whole peppercorn
Salt to taste
Oil to fry.

Soak both the rice and the urad dal for 4 hours separately.

Grind the urad dal very fine with minimal amount of water. Grind the rice with a little water a little coarsely. Mix the two well and add salt, jeera and peppercorns.

Heat a little oil in a kadai or wok (maybe 2 tablespoons or so). Pour in the batter and reduce the flame to sim. Cover and let fry on a very slow flame till golden brown. If required add a little more oil. When the bottom is golden brown, turn over and fry the other side adding a little oil again.

Enjoy with ginger chutney or kandi pachadi (recipe follows).


Anonymous said...

This is great Kamini.Wishing you all success in this.And am thrilled u put in the recipe of my favourite breakfast.Will give it a try

Vishnu said...

hi mummy, nice blog!
how about actually making all this for once?

Anonymous said...

Kamini,The dibba roti looks mouthwatering.I remember my grandmother making it on a coal stove (called KUMPATI) with burning coals on the covering lid. My mum used to make a healthier version using the same mix with very little oil and then baking it in an oven

Anonymous said...

Hey Kammo the Sexy....
Good on you...Congrats!!!!
How about making all this mouth watering food when you're in this part of the world next with husband dear?
How about some real easy to make food? You know what a great cook I am? Otherwise Param will have to do all the cooking.

prithviraj said...

Kamaini keep it up.Vijaya has developed a full book and will be glad to send it to you.

Anonymous said...

I always ate minapa roti with mango pickle (avakai). Is that a traditional combination?

Padma said...

I always loved eating dibba rotti but the sweeter version during my childhood days. those were given to us for putting on weight(as the name sounds) as we were thin in structure..This reminded me of those rottis...

Nandita said...

Hello Kamini,
My first time on your blog! Dibba roti sounds like fun- it has a nice ring to it...just curious as to the origin of this one! Would love to try it out some time