Thursday, August 9, 2007

Kandi Pachadi - Andhra Food Series

Usually the concept of eating a pachadi with rice or a dry vegetable or even a podi with rice is only found in Andhra. In fact even avakai or mango pickle is a popular mixer(?) for rice. Ghee is liberally poured on to give that fabulous taste (more I think, to line the foodpipe. Otherwise the throat and the stomach will be on fire knowing how spicy Andhra food can be). It is then followed by rice with mudda pappu with a pulusu to add the required tang and then the rest of the courses follow - that is rice with sambar, rice with rasam etc ending with daddojanam or perugu annam (curd rice). The mandatory sweet will follow in the form of paravannam. To round off this fantastic meal, beeda is served.

Kandi pachadi eaten with hot ghee rice is pure ambrosia. It is a taste every telugu person craves for. It can also be eaten as an accompaniment for a number of tiffin items like dibba roti, dosa, idly etc.


1 cup toor dal (kandi pappu)
small bit tamarind (1/2 a lime size)
Salt to tatse

Popu/ Tadka

1 Tablespoon Oil
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
4-5 red chillies
1/2 teaspoon asafoetida powder

Roast the toor dal without any oil till it gives out a nice aroma.

Heat oil in a kadai/wok. When hot, add mustard seeds. When the seeds start crackling, add the red chillies. When they start looking a bright red, put off the flame and add the asafoetida powder.

Grind the roasted toor dal, tamarind, popu ingredients and the salt in a mixie along with a about 4 tablespoons of water till it is a fine paste.

Serve with hot ghee rice or as an accompaniment to a tiffin item.

This can be kept in the refrigerator for a few days.


Anonymous said...

Can you make these with other dals? Gita

Anonymous said...

Look delicious. I hope I get to eat these things next time I visit Chennai. How about something I can make in my rudimentary bachelor kitchen. This 'adai' looks like that dosa we eat in Andhra - pesarattu (sic!)eaten with ginger chutney.

yours_homely said...

Nice ideas.
Writing simultaeously about the nutritious values is good.

lakshmi said...

my patti used to make this - i love this with curd rice somehow :)

where are you based on chennai

lakshmi said...

oops i mean "in chennai"

lakshmi said...

hi kamini

amma knows how to make the potato pachadi you are talking about - im a juvenile 25 year old dabbling around in the kitchen :) - she'll post the recipe soon

im in anna nagar - just completed a year in chennai :)


Vijaya & Venkat said...

Hi Kamini,

That a nice blog.

If not taboo, the better part of Kandipachadi is fried garlic. The more the merrier

Padma said...

Kamini this pachadi is really enticing...nice post n write -up on Andhra spicy food..yeah we all need a spoonful of ghee while eating andhra delicacies..thanks for sharing

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