Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lemon Cheesecake - Celebration of a 1000 hits

I have a problem on my hands now. I promised the kids that if and when I had a 1000 hits, I will make any dessert of their choice and post it. This was when I had 150 hits or so. Then thanks to Food Blog Desam, the numbers quickly climbed and I reached the magic figure. But then I was swamped with work. This morning I noticed I was fast heading for the second thousand. So before leaving for work, I quickly made their dessert of choice - Lemon Cheesecake. But unfortunately they could not eat it all day. Guess why? Because yours truly has not found the time to take the photographs.

Finally, I managed to get everything together, garnished/decorated the cheesecake as quickly as I could, took the pictures.... So here goes.


I packet Marie biscuits( Update: Use one large packet or two small packets. Should be about 200 grams of biscuits)
75 grams butter melted

300 gms hung curd ( 1 litre of yoghurt tied in a muslin cloth till all the whey drains off and it is a solid mass)
500 grams cream
2 tablespoon lime juice
400 grams sugar
1 teaspoon lemon essence
2 tablepoon gelatin soaked in 1/4 cup water
a pinch yellow food coloring (optional)

Powder the marie biscuits till you get fine crumbs. Add the melted butter to it mix well and press into the base of a pie dish. Put into the refrigerator to harden.

With a hand mixer, mix the curd cheese, sugar, lime juice, coloring and essence.

Whip the cream till it gets soft peaks and keep aside.

Heat the gelatin over very very low heat till it melts. Cool it down.

Add to the curd mixture.

Gently stir in the cream into the curd mixture. Mix till well blended. Be careful not to over beat as the cream may split.

Pour into the biscuit crumb base and refrigerate till set.

Garnish and serve cold.


Aruna said...

Congrats Kamini.....

The lemon cheese cake looks sinfully delicious!!!

Padma said...

yey...congrats dear and yes i totally agree with aruna on this, its looking awesome!

Asha said...

1000 hits! That is nice. I love Cheese cakes.Looks yum!!:))

TBC said...

Cheesecake looks delish! Poor kids!
Couldn't eat it till you took a pic. I do that to my husband too.
When he sees food on the table , he is never quite sure if it is o.k. to eat it!

Sandya said...

Hi Kamini,

Looks delicious !!! A small tip for those who live in the US would be to use a premade store bought pie crust made of graham crackers which will taste equally yummy without the effort of making it :-)

Gita said...

Looks yum and sounds easy too! A small tip :In Maharashtra and Gujarat you get hung curds in the market ready for making Shrikhand

Gita said...

Congratulations!!! Just saw that you have had 2000 hits. May you soon have 20000!

Latha Narasimhan said...

Congrats kamini! you have reached 2000 plus when I saw the stats! Cheese cake is delicious! I would like to try without gelatine.
Best wishes for greater success dear!

Namratha said...

Wow..Congrats Kamini, great going! :)And the cheesecake looks lovely..the recipe looks simple, should try it

Anita said...

Ah, the perfect recipe using ingredients that we can all find! Congratulations, Kamini, you have a beautiful blog here.

Sharmi said...

congrats!! lovely looking cheesecake.

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timepass said...

Yummy looking cake.. Congrats for attracting 2000+ visitors